Want to get involved?

You can get involved in Bras for a Cure in various ways! Decorate and submit a bra in the contest or vote on your favorite bras once voting opens October 19th!

Voting Open Oct. 19-31


Come in to Dandelions Flowers to view all of the bras in person or if you can't make it in you can call to place your votes or vote online (starting Oct. 19th). Each vote is $1 and you can place as large of a $ vote as you like! $5 = 5 votes, etc.


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Bras for a Cure is an opportunity to have some fun, get creative and raise money to help those afflicted by cancer here in Lane County. The event benefits the Oregon Cancer Foundation which provides direct assistance to our community and neighbors who are facing treatment. Bras for a Cure has raised over $6500 that has gone right back into our community.

whimsical fun for a serious cause